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Professor Nabi AVCI visits to Turkish National Commission for UNESCO. Click here for Details

Meeting on Anniversaries with which UNESCO will be associated in 2018-2019. Click here for Details

Executive Board of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO visited Dr. İsmet YILMAZ, the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. Click here for Details

"Meeting for the 25th Anniversary of MoW: Enhancing International Cooperation and Discussion on the Possible Joint Nomination of Mawlana’s Kulliyat" was held in 25-26 November, Antalya. Click here for Details

UNESCO 39th  Session of the General Conference was closed on 14 November 2017. Click here for Details

Anniversaries to be celebrated in 2018-2019 in association with UNESCO are accepted at UNESCO 39th General Conference. Click here for Details

Hatay, Istanbul and Kutahya are designated as UNESCO Creative Cities. Click here for Details

Diwan Lughat al-Turk (Compendium of the Turkic Dialects) and The Piri Reis World Map (1513) in the Topkapı Palace Museum Library is inscribed to the Memory of the World International Register. Click here for Details


UNESCO 38. Genel Konferans Komisyon Kararları




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